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RMC of America Company History

RMC of America was established in 1941 by James B. Freemyer. Bea R. Cheesman joined the staff in  1985 as President and General Manager and bought the company in 1996.  She brought with her and accounting and marketing background.  Mr. Freemyer and his wife retired in 1986 and live in Jackson, Tennessee.

Our Philosophy

We believe that a state agency produces a better collection return than a national agency.  However, the bottom line when choosing a collection agency is which one can produce the highest collection return.   Let the collection specialist with over 60 years of experience help eliminate your bad debt and collection problems.  We aggressively pursue you accounts while maintaining good public relations with your customers.  We are confident that you will be satisfied with the results our company can produce for your office.

RMC of America utilizes one of the nation’s largest “collection agency” specific software companies.  This enables us to receive new accounts via e-mail, diskette, or hardcopy.  Our programmer can visit your site and determine which media works best with our computer system.  Other programs include billing, payment monitoring, pre-collection, skip-tracing, mail returns, consulting and training.  It doesn’t matter what type of business you own, we have a receivables program that will work for your. We welcome the opportunity to be your collection specialist.